Primary Care Associates Clinics serve Hunt County and additional areas in northeast Texas. Family practice physicians, internists, and providers who specialize in pediatrics and women’s health offer comprehensive primary health care for the whole family. Patients may be referred to PCA’s Physical Therapy and Bone Densitometry facilities.

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Night & Weekend Clinics

PCA Greenville’s extended hours mean you can get immediate attention for your child’s fever or your own sore throat. Members of PCA’s medical staff provide care for acute cases and minor illnesses. (Serious emergencies are referred to the hospital ER.)


PCA Greenville
4211 Joe Ramsey Blvd., Suite 100
Greenville, Texas 75401
(469) 800-3500
(The clinic is in the Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville Professional Building. Use the main hospital entrance. Turn left from the lobby and continue along the hall on the left. PCA is on the right side of the hall.)

Monday - Friday: 5-7 pm
Saturday: 9 am – noon

PCA Paris offers pediatrics-only weekend clinics.

3150 Clarksville St., Suite 100
Paris, TX 75460

Saturday 9 am - noon
Sunday 2 - 5 pm

Physical Therapy

PCA operates the newest Physical Therapy facility in the Greenville area. Although patients may undergo an evaluation at any time, treatment requires a physician’s referral.

Physical Therapy rehabilitation can help restore physical function after impairment resulting from injury, illness, or surgery.

PCA physical therapy services and treatments.

4501 Joe Ramsey, Suite 130
Greenville, TX 75401


Bone Densitometry

Densitometry testing provides comfortable, painless monitoring of our patients’ bone healthPCA’s densitometry testing provides comfortable, painless monitoring of our patients’ bone health to help us prevent and treat osteoporosis. This service is offered exclusively to PCA patients; a referral from your physician is necessary to schedule testing.

Bone densitometry uses a very small dose of radiation to make an image of your bones, usually the hip and spine. The densitometer measures your bone mineral density (BMD) and compares it to a reference standard based on age, weight, sex, and ethnic background. The BMD analysis is used by your doctor to determine the status of your bone health and your risk for fractures.

Why test bone density?

About half of all women over age 50 have some degree of bone loss due to osteoporosis, a condition that develops when bones become porous and weak due to loss of mineral content. A bone density test is recommended if you:

  • are a postmenopausal woman
  • are tall and/or thin
  • have a family history of osteoporosis and/or fractures
  • are a smoker
  • don’t exercise
  • use medications that can cause bone loss, including steroids, anti-seizure medications, and thyroid hormones

How do I prepare for my bone densitometry test?

Avoid calcium or osteoporosis medications for 48 hours before the exam. If you have had a diagnostic exam requiring you to take barium or have an injection of a contrast material for an X-ray or CT scan, please let the technician know; you may have to wait several days before your bone density test. You should also let your physician know if there is any possibility that you may be pregnant.

Wear comfortable clothing without a belt, zipper or any metallic decoration at the waist. (Don’t wear blue jeans with metal rivets.) You will not need to undress for the exam.

Where do I go for the exam?

Your bone densitometry test is performed in the PCA Greenville offices, 4211 Joe Ramsey Blvd., Suite 100. The receptionist will direct you to the exam room when you report for your scheduled appointment.


Your PCA provider can measure pulmonary function to determine the health of your lungs. These noninvasive tests are done in the physician's office with a spirometer. The information obtained about air flow and air volume helps your doctor diagnose and monitor asthma and other diseases that affect the lungs.

You will be asked to breathe forcefully into the spirometer several times so your doctor can measure your lung capacity and function. No special preparation is required for this exam.

PCA Greenville has a full-service labOn site lab servicesLaboratory Services

PCA Greenville has a full-service lab in our office complex to make results of your lab tests readily available to you and your doctor.

Results of testing for blood counts, for flu virus and H Pylori bacteria, and urinalysis are reported to your doctor while you are still in the office, often within ten minutes of testing.

Blood chemistry analysis is available within 24 hours.

Texas Health Steps Screening

The Texas Health Steps (THSteps) is a children’s program that provides medical and dental preventive care and treatment to Medicaid-enrolled children from birth to age 21.

PCA is a qualified medical provider under the program. We conduct periodic medical check-ups and screenings for children enrolled in the THSteps program.

For more information (or to determine if your child qualifies for the program) contact THSteps Outreach at the Texas Department of State Health Services 1-877-847-8377, M-F 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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